Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Friends United Meeting update - 1/7/2008

Link: http://www.fum.org/about/news/regardingviolenceinKenya.htm

News from FUM
UPDATE: Regarding Post-Election Violence in Kenya
January 7, 2008

Dear Friends,

Many of you have been keeping up with the latest news on the Kenyan crisis. We encourage you to continue watching the news and learning what you can from those sources.

Please continue to pray for our field staff and for our many f/Friends in Kenya who are now struggling with the first of the aftershocks of conflict - lack of food, fuel and clean water. Many are also struggling with shelter and basic living supplies as such as clothes, blankets, etc.

Jody Richmond and the Grace and Muhanji families are safe and doing quite well as are Bob and Hope Carter, David Zarembka and Gladys Kamonya and Donald and Ruth Thomas. We continue to receive frequent communication from many of them.

I am listing three of the many blogs that deal with information on the Kenyan conflict. Mary Kay Rehard is a former FUM field staff and has created a blog to begin accumulating information in one place. Carol Holmes, an FUM board member, mentions in her blog ways to give financially to the humanitarian efforts in Kenya. The Quaker Service blog contains a running journal of the events from David Zarembka who is now living in Kenya with his wife Gladys Kamonya. While lengthy, David's letters are a worthy read.

Please note that while FUM does not sponsor or promote any of these blogs, these are references which we have found to be helpful. They do not in any way cover the entire subject or come close to being an inclusive list.

Mary Kay Rehard's blog for pooling together information
Carol Holmes' blog (FUM board member)
Contains the letters from David Zarembka

Terri Johns
FUM Program Manager

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