Friday, February 29, 2008

Talking Points & Resource Links - archived 2/29/2008

Talking Points
> Click here to see full text of 10 Talking Points on Kenya's Post-election Crisis.
> Click here for a brief PowerPoint slideshow about Kenya's post-election crisis.
Feel free to show it to your Friends Church or Quaker Meeting.Talking Points:+ Includes brief summary, with analysis in Question & Answer format.
+ Intended as an aid for discussion in small groups, and for speaking or writing to the media and elected officials.
+ See recent posts on this blog for the latest information on the rapidly-changing situation.
+ Click on any of the links in the section below for supplementary maps, visual aids, statistics, background, and other resources.
+ Share these with your Friends Church or Quaker Meeting, and post a link from your monthly and yearly meetings' websites.

Resources to use with Talking Points
NEW * Pambazuka News by Fahamu - Weekly Forum for Social Justice in Africa
NEW * Kenya in Crisis - Report by Intl Crisis Group (Brussels)
NEW * Brief PowerPoint slideshow about the crisis
Reuters Chronology of Kenya Crisis
TV Interview about Kenya crisis - Patrick Nugent 1/20/2008
BBC - Q&A on Kenya Poll Violence (incl 2007 map of ethnicity)
Guardian - Q&A on Kenya Poll Violence
Root causes - US News & World Report on land, class, ethnic tensions
Subscribe to AFSC's PeaceWork magazine - purchase extra copies of current issue with focus on Kenya
Solutions - Newsweek interview with Harvard's Rotberg
BBC - Quotes from Key Players
BBC - Q&A with Githongo on causes of violence
BBC - Analysis on Land & Economics
Ethnic cleansing - US official Frazer
Ethnic cleansing - Alfred Mutua statment to AFP
Ethnicity in Kenya - EA encyclopedia - U Penn
Kenya economy - Nations Encyclopedia
Kenya economy - World Bank figures
Kenya profile - CIA Factbook
Kenya profile (PDF) - Earthtrends
Kenya profile - Lutherans (ELCA)
Rural Poverty Portal - Kenya

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