Friday, February 29, 2008

Pambazuka News - Weekly Forum for Social Justice in Africa by Fahamu

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Pambazuka News 349:

Kenyans must seize democracy for themselves

The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa

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With nearly 500 contributors and an estimated 500,000 readers Pambazuka News is the authoritative pan African electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa providing cutting edge commentary and in-depth analysis on politics and current affairs, development, human rights, refugees, gender issues and culture in Africa. To view online, go to

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Highlights from this issue

FEATURES:- Pambazuka editors take on the Kenya power-sharing deal- An interview with Wangui Wa Goro on the fragile nature of peace in Kenya

COMMENTS & ANALYSIS: - Pius Adesanmi on the recent Raila Odinga visit to Nigeria- Christopher Nizza and Dara Kell on their documentary 'Dear Mandela'
PAN-AFRICAN POSTCARD: Kangsen Feka Wakai on Cameroon's power drunk Paul Biya
OBITUARIES: Activist Johnnie Car dies
BOOKS & ARTS: Mildred Barya reviews Shimmer Chinodya's novel, StrifeBLOGGING AFRICA: A round-up of South African blogs
PODCASTS: An interview with Peter Hallward
AFRICAN UNION: AU Monitor weekly round-up
ZIMBABWE UPDATE: Civil groups in SA intensify protests at Zimbabwe embassy
WOMEN AND GENDER: Social Watch Gender Equity Index 2008
CONFLICT AND EMERGENCIES: Deadly violence rages in Cameroon capitalHUMAN RIGHTS: Campaign demands Darfur arrests
REFUGEES AND FORCED MIGRATION: Migrants' rights clinic forcibly shut down
SOCIAL MOVEMENTS: Protests spread in Burkina Faso
ELECTIONS AND GOVERNANCE: Breakthrough in Kenya crisis
DEVELOPMENT: UN panel urges punishment for buyers of DRC rebel ore
HEALTH AND HIV/Aids: Insecurity hampers Chad HIV efforts
EDUCATION: Thousands of Darfur children not in school
LGBTI: Africa's lesbians demand change
RACISM AND XENOPHOBIA: Outcry over racist video in South Africa
ENVIRONMENT: EU exporting climate pollution
MEDIA AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: One year in prison for Egyptian blogger
NEWS FROM THE DIASPORA: On the Bicentenary of Haiti's independence
INTERNET & TECHNOLOGY: Solar energy for Zimbabwe computers
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