Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quaker Relief Efforts Continue - Tues 3/4/3008

Quakers in Kenya are
combining the efforts
of all international Friends
service organizations--
with those of
all 15 Kenyan Yearly Meetings.

Friends are focusing their relief work on those refugees not being served by the Kenyan Red Cross, which is overwhelmed by the needs of over half a million people on the move, displaced from their homes.

Click on one of the links below if you wish to support further relief and peacebuilding efforts by Kenyan Friends.

The situation is still very tense, the peace is fragile, and the resettlement of IDPs will continue for months to come. Without diminishing your regular giving toward ongoing Quaker projects in Africa, kindly consider making a 12-month pledge to sustain the efforts of Kenyan Friends to serve the needy.

You can donate now online (earmark your gifts "Kenya Relief"):

> FUM - Friends United Meeting: focus on emergency relief, medical care at hospitals and mission stations, and leadership development through Friends Theological College and Yearly Meetings

> AGLI - African Great Lakes Initiative: focus on grassroots peacebuilding through AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project), reconciliation efforts, and trauma healing workshops

Many thanks and heartfelt prayers to Friends in Kenya who are giving life to the gospel by serving as Christ's hands and feet, bringing God's love and care to those who need healing. We praise God for your efforts!

> Click here for previous postings about relief efforts

Tuko pamoja, marafiki! We stand together with you, Friends!

The Lord says: "Do not be afraid. I am your God, your help, your strength and your salvation." (Is 41:8-10)


Quaker Relief Efforts Continue in Western Kenya
Update from Dorothy Selebwa (USFW - Kenya)
Kakamega, Kenya

Subject: Relief Supply - Third Phase

Dear Friends,

As you all know that since the country went into election violence, many people lost their lives property and so on, The friends church through FUM made appeals to all about how to help the IDPs (internally displaced people - refugees). I would like to thank everyone who has participated in anyway to make funds available to help the IDPs.

Since early Feb we have been going round many camps visiting these IDPs sharing with them and also praying with them.

We have managed to visit up to about 11 different camps in Mt. Elgon and some part of Cheptulu which is along the border of Kaimosi and Nandi.

Today we were visiting two camps around Kisii and Keroka and i will compile a report and send it to you. Most of the pictures were taken by Raymond and he has managed to put them up on this link starting with the latest one:


So if you do wish to get a close look of the whole process, then the pictures will tell it all. I want to thank again all groups, USFWI, all the yearly meetings, and FUM in general, not forgetting individuals for all the support and prayers you have given to us.

God Bless you all,

Dorothy Selebwa
Project Co-Ordinator,
P.O. Box 1234 - 50100
Phone +254 56 31519

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Link to recent PBS interview with Quaker Oliver Kisaka in Nairobi by Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro on religion's role in Kenya: