Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good news from AGLI - Tues 3/4/2008

David Zarembka and Gladys Kamonya spoke last night about the work of AGLI - African Great Lakes Initiative - at Community Friends Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Monday, 3/3/2008. In spite of rain and pre-election commitments, a group of about 30 gathered--local Friends and some others who work for peace and social justice in the area. Some Friends drove from over an hour away: Yellow Springs and Kettering, Ohio, and Richmond, Indiana!

The group was very generous, donating over $800 for AGLI to expand its relief and reconciliation work in Kenya.

The talk focused on nine possible interpretations of the recent post-election violence, taking a look at the historical development of Kenya and some root causes of the conflicts and displacement. Dave spoke about AGLI's work in the region - in Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo - describing current AVP (Alternatives to Violence) and listening workshops being held in Kenya, and the potential for AGLI's trauma healing and reconciliation experience to play an important role in Kenya's effort to rebuild trust across ethnic, generational, and class lines. The talk prompted many interesting questions with a lively discussion--and hopefully the text of Dave's talk will be posted soon at his blog.

Kindly tell Friends about David and Gladys' upcoming visits in Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Manhattan, and Maryland!

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