Friday, March 28, 2008

Today's Headlines - Fri 3/28/2008

Former UN Chief Intervenes Again in Kenyan Political Crisis

By VOA News 28 March 2008

Kofi Annan (file photo)Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan is appealing to Kenya's president and prime minister-designate to resolve their differences over the country's new Cabinet.

U.N. officials and Kenyan politicians say Mr. Annan called from New York this week to urge President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga to end their stalemate.

The two men have failed to agree on the size of the Cabinet or who should head key ministries.

Mr. Annan helped broker a deal between the rivals last month to end deadly violence that followed Kenya's disputed presidential election.

The violence erupted after Mr. Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement accused Mr. Kibaki of rigging the December 27 vote.

The rivals have since agreed to form a power-sharing government with Mr. Odinga as prime minister. They also agreed to split the Cabinet evenly between their parties.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.

Former UN Chief Intervenes Again in Kenyan Political Crisis
Voice of America - 55 minutes ago
By VOA News Former United Nations chief Kofi Annan is appealing to Kenya's president and prime minister-designate to resolve their differences over the ...

Kenya: ODM Wants Donor Funds Halted
Kenya: This Game of Ping-Pong Should Stop, Kibaki, Raila
Kenya's Kibaki appeals for patience on coalition government AFP
Daily Nation - Voice of America
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Kenya Mobile Clients to Rise; Safaricom Sale Starts (Update1)
Bloomberg - 42 minutes ago
By Eric Ombok March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Kenya, east Africa's biggest economy, is forecast to have 20 million mobile-phone users within three years, ...

Kenya goes ahead with sale of 25 pct of Vodafone affiliate Safaricom Forbes
Kenya in mobile phone share sale BBC News
Kenya's Safaricom IPO kicks off Telecom Paper (subscription) - Reuters South Africa
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Kenya: Grand Opportunity to Overhaul Civil Service, Washington - 3 hours ago
Kenya has many social groups that have been disadvantaged historically, including women. If I was an advisor to President Kibaki or to the Prime ...

Pledge to beef up security Daily Nation
President appeals for patience as entrenchment of National Accord ... Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
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Kenya: IDP Camps Deplorable - KNCHR, Washington - 5 hours ago
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) said the Government should improve the living conditions in the camps. KNHCR Vice-Chairperson, Ms Florence ...

Kenya: Poll Violence Was Planned, Says KNCHR
Kenya: Planners of Violence Must Face Justice
Police Force Cannot Be Fair Unless Independent [opinion] Trading Markets (press release)
Business Daily Africa
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Kenya: The International Connection, Washington - 5 hours ag
oA well-known promoter, who started Trublaq Kenya with Big Kev, has recently been implicated in an alleged promotion scandal. While locally these scandals ...

Kenya: Too Scared to Go Home, Washington - 1 hour ago
A month after clashes erupted in Kenya's Rift Valley district of Laikipia West, calm has returned but internally displaced persons (IDPs) are yet to return ...

Kenya: Small Coffee Shops Find Niche Along Big Players, Washington - 3 hours ago
The pressures of the world markets are not different in Kenya, leading to the spread of the coffee-drinking culture. "Before we set up shop here, ...

Kenya: Technology And Youth to Drive Media Industry, Washington - 3 hours ago
Recent studies show that television ownership in selected 40 countries, Kenya included, is set to grow at an average pace of 17 per cent annually. ...

Daily Nation
Kenyan coach confident as team jets out for world XC championship
Xinhua, China - Mar 27, 2008
NAIROBI, March 27 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's national cross country team head coach Julius Kirwa left the country on Wednesday expressing confidence that his ...

ATHLETICS: World beaters fly off to Edinburgh Daily Nation
Kenya coach optimistic despite problems Reuters Canada
Kirwa’s charges jet out tonight Daily Nation
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
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Kenya: KWS to Open New Tourism Circuits in Tsavo, Washington - 3 hours ago
The Kenya Wildlife Service is planning to open new tourism circuits within the Tsavo National Park to generate income. The park - the biggest in the country ...

Kenya: Aberdare Set to Open Gates to Private Investors
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today's headlines - Wed 3/26/2008

BBC News
Kenyan president, would-be PM to visit conflict refugees
AFP - 4 hours ago
NAIROBI (AFP) — Kenya's president and his main opposition rival will this week visit displaced people in the Rift Valley region in a show of unity after the ...

Kenyan president, would-be PM to visit conflict refugees

7 hours ago

NAIROBI (AFP) — Kenya's president and his main opposition rival will this week visit displaced people in the Rift Valley region in a show of unity after the post-election violence, officials said Wednesday.

The visit to the internally displaced people (IDPs) will the the first joint tour by President Mwai Kibaki and opposition rival Raila Odinga, who is bidding for the prime minister's post.

"The tour will be relevant to the IDPs because the entire government machinery will also move there to assess their needs," Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka told parliament late Tuesday.

The visit aimed to assure the people that calm had returned, that they could go home, and that they would receive receive government help to do so, he added.

The trip is seen as cementing the two leaders' signing of a power-sharing accord in February that halted the tribal fighting and revenge killings that had claimed at least 1,500 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

It was not clear when and what part of the Rift Valley the two leaders would tour.

Agriculturalists have warned that the country faces a grain shortage in the coming months because food reserves were destroyed and insecurity has blocked farming in the breadbasket area. This has resulted to increased food shortage.

Standard newspaper said resettling the displaced is urgent.

"Apart from the squalor in IDP camps, increasing the risk of disease outbreaks, many are concerned that planting season activities such as tilling of land have not begun in many areas," the Standard's editorial said.

Odinga accused Kibaki of rigging the December 27 presidential elections, touching off a wave of violence, prompting former UN chief Kofi Annan to step in and mediate a power-sharing accord that was reached on February 28.

Kenya is still recovering from what was one of its worst crises since independence from Britain in 1963, which affected the key tourism and agricultural sectors.

The two leaders have been holding a series of talks for dividing up cabinet posts nearly a week after parliament enacted laws entrenching the coalition government in the constitution.

Kenyan newspapers pressed the pair to finalise the talks and name a coalition cabinet, in which Odinga is expected to be prime minister.

"What may have appeared as a clear-cut deal is proving rather tricky," said the mass circulation Daily Nation in its editorial.

"Apparently, there are many vested interests that are making it extremely difficult for the two main players to make a quick decision."

Meanwhile, Kenyan security forces combed the country's western region in search of members of the Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF), a militia which has been fighting against the government over land claims.

Government troops backed by helicopters have been sweeping the restive area in an operation that has claimed at least eight lives. The militia's activities have claimed hundreds of lives and displaced tens of thousands since last year.

"Most of the SLDF leaders are hiding, but we will not stop the operation until all the criminals are apprehended and stability is restored in the area," police spokesman Eric Kiraithe told AFP.

Kiraithe said stability has been restored in most parts of the country, home to 35 million people.

Kenya: House Adjourns to Await New Cabinet
Kenya: Visit Camps, Kibaki And Raila Told
Kenya earns Sh70bn from horticulture Daily Nation -
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Kenya: Delta Puts Off Service Launch, Citing Poor Market Conditions, Washington - 1 hour ago
Delta, the American airline that was scheduled to start flying to Kenya mid this year, has pushed the inauguration of the service to December, ...

Kenya: KQ Issues Rates for New Ticketing Scheme
Uganda: BA Rewards Agents
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Kenya Rejects Opposition Call for Safaricom IPO Delay (Update1)
Bloomberg - 2 hours ago
By Eric Ombok March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Kenya's government rejected a call by the country's main opposition party to delay the initial public offering of ...

Kenyan party opposes privatisation of mobile firm AFP
East Africa: Regional Investors Get Guidelines for Safaricom IPO
Safaricom IPO may need to be delayed-party official Reuters
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Kenya: Entertainment Kenyans' Main Activity Online, Washington - 1 hour ago
Internet use is rising steadily in Kenya with entertainment as the leading driver of the growth, a new report indicates. The report by AccessKenya, ...

Kenya: AccessKenya Acquires Stake in Cable Project
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Kenya: Econet Earmarks Sh19.5bn for Network Roll-Out, Washington - 1 hour ago
Econet Wireless has set aside $300 million (Sh19.5 billion) to secure its position as the third mobile phone service provider in Kenya, a top company ...

Kenya: Interconnectivity Charges Will Not Be Regulated
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Kenya: KPA to Mark 30th Anniversary With Pomp, Washington - 2 hours ago
Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is celebrating its 30th anniversary and intends to showcase to Kenyans its achievements since its incorporation. ...

Kenya: Transhipment Business Resumes at Port
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Kenya: Clear M-Pesa's Legal Hurdles, Washington - 4 hours ago
Over the last one year, Safaricom has put Kenya on the map in sub-Saharan Africa for being one of the most profitable companies and globally for innovations ...

Kenya: M-Pesa's Bid to Enter UK Runs Into Legal Hurdles
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Kenya: Cost of Treating TB Up As Drug-Resistant Strain Spreads, Washington - 1 hour ago
The cost of treating tuberculosis is rising rapidly in Kenya, following the spread of a drug resistant strain, health officials say. ...

Kenya: Narcotics - a Raw Nerve That No One Dares Touch
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Delta Air Lines Delays New Route To Kenya By 6 Months - AFP - 1 hour ago
Months of political violence in Kenya , which claimed at least 1500 people and displaced hundreds of thousands, prompted massive tourist cancellations, ...DAL

Kenya: Interest in Blogs Grows After Violence, Washington - 2 hours ago
Evidence that the popular global trend is catching on with Kenya's Intern et community is apparent. Out of the top 100 websites visited in the country, ...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's headlines - Tues 3/25/2008

Daily Nation
Kenya: Most Citizens Optimistic Accord Will Bring Peace, Washington - 18 hours ago
A new poll shows that 90 per cent of Kenyans are confident that the deal will lead to a peaceful Kenya. Only two per cent are skeptical while eight per cent ...

Kenya: Politicians Shed Sheep Skin

Kibaki and Raila must save Kenya the burden of a bloated Cabinet Daily Nation

Kenya: Because Middle Classes Blinked, They Avoided Catastrophe -
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Voice of America
Despite Kenya peace deal, ethnic tensions simmer
Reuters South Africa, South Africa - 6 hours ago
By Andrew Cawthorne ELDORET, Kenya, March 25
(Reuters) - Nearly three months after the worst massacre of Kenya's post-election violence, children's shoes ...

Ethnic tensions simmer despite Kenya peace deal

Tue 25 Mar 2008, 10:10 GMT
-] Text [+]
By Andrew Cawthorne

ELDORET, Kenya (Reuters) - Nearly three months after the worst massacre of Kenya's post-election violence, children's shoes and charred clothes remain in the ashes of a rural church where about 30 people were burned to death.

Wreaths of dried-out flowers lie where a mob set fire to the Assemblies of God building with 100 or so terrified villagers cowering inside. A cow nibbles grass around a fallen yellow tape reading: "Crime Scene, Do Not Cross."

All around the church, torched and trashed homes litter countryside outside the western town of Eldoret, one of the epicentres of violence that killed at least 1,200 people and uprooted 300,000 others after Kenya's December 27 election.

President Mwai Kibaki and his main challenger, Raila Odinga, have since made their peace, burying their dispute over who won in a power-sharing agreement. They have taken tea and even watched golf together at a colonial-era country club.

But on the ground, wounds from the worst bloodletting in the east African nation since independence in 1963 remain sore and many fear violence could erupt again if the deeper roots of the troubles are not tackled.

Communities are suspicious of one another. Tens of thousands of people still live as refugees. And there has been a massive population shift as Kenyans from different tribes return to the safety of their ancestral heartlands.

Less than a mile from the burnt church in Kiambaa village, police are building a new base to prevent repetitions of the attacks by Kalenjins -- who are in the majority in the Eldoret area -- on Kikuyus, members of Kibaki's ethnic group.

"We will hold the peace, and we will catch the perpetrators," one policeman said, nailing planks to new huts.

A few nervous-looking Kikuyus are back to check their plots.

"Some fear to return, some want to sell their land, some might come back and re-settle here if there is peace," said Francis Waweru, 23. His sister scorched her arm escaping from the church and has gone far away to the Kikuyu town of Limuru.

"It is hard to forget," he said, standing next to the church and describing how hundreds of Kalenjin warriors barred the refugees inside before burning the building and hacking those who tried to escape with machetes.

Down the road, locals have daubed a new name in their tribal language -- Kipnyiket -- over the Kikuyu word Kiambaa. Authorities say the perpetrators are among hundreds they have arrested nationwide. They plan a memorial at the church site.

On another side of Eldoret, scores of houses and shops are reduced to blackened rubble in scenes more reminiscent of war-riven neighbours Somalia and Sudan.

Huge boulders beside the highway also bear witness to the gangs who took over the area in January. Armed with machetes and bows-and-arrows, they had set up roadblocks to hunt Kikuyus.

"Of course we were angry. They stole the election in front of our eyes," one jobless 28-year-old Kalenjin man said.

"Now power is supposed to be shared 50-50 but they are not willing to share really," he added, echoing a widespread accusation among Kenya's non-Kikuyus that Kibaki's community has monopolised power and wealth.

Another Kalenjin man chided a visiting reporter, saying the media -- like Kibaki and the police -- had focused on deaths of Kikuyus around Eldoret, but not the killing of members of other communities elsewhere around Kenya.

"What about the house burned in Naivasha with 15 people inside? You don't talk about what the Kikuyus did," he said.

"There are no Kikuyus living round here any more. If they come back, it will depend on the 50-50 deal, if it works. Then if they return and are friendly with us, it will be OK."

According to the power-sharing deal, Odinga is set to become prime minister although wrangling remains over other posts.

Further down the line, Kenya's politicians will also have to overhaul the constitution and discuss underlying problems such as land and inequality that were laid bare by the dispute over Kibaki's re-election last December.

At Eldoret showground, 15,000 refugees -- almost all Kikuyus -- live in tents crammed together on the field.

They are either too scared to return home, have nothing to go back to, or are waiting for some way of travelling to their community's heartland in central Kenya.

"Power-sharing has brought peace to the people above, but not to us," said pastor Gideon Mwangi, whose house in Eldoret was torched and whose family fled to Naivasha.

"We are willing to go back, but only when there is real peace. There are still threats going on in the villages."

Refugee leaders are petitioning for compensation for destroyed properties, stolen livestock and lost crops.

Some Kikuyus in the Eldoret area have, however, returned to their former lives. In the centre of town, several dozen stick together for security in streets where they work as mechanics and labourers fixing minibuses.

Joseph Gitau, 23, was born in the area, saw his father killed with a poisoned arrow during inter-ethnic fighting in 1997, and admits taking up a machete to face Kalenjin gangs in January. One day, he saw seven fellow Kikuyus decapitated.

Yet he has returned to work to help feed his mother, and ten brothers and sisters. And he has no intention of returning to a tribal homeland he does not know.

"There, I have no job, no land, nothing. What could I do?"

(Editing by Daniel Wallis)

(For full Reuters Africa coverage and to have your say on the top issues, visit:

© Reuters 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Trouble Builds Behind Scenes in Wake of Kenya Peace Deal Voice of America
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Telkom Kenya seeks cash injection - report
Telecom Paper (subscription), Netherlands - 52 minutes ago
Telkom Kenya is reportedly seeking USD 92.42 million from shareholders to deal with its cashflow problems. The EastAfrican reported that Telkom has ...

Foreign athletes seek Kenya running 'magic' ahead of Olympics
AFP - 12 hours ago
ELDORET, Kenya (AFP) — Athletes from the world over are flocking to a training camp perched on the high plateaux of Kenya to rub shoulders with the princes ...

Rwanda: Musician Prosper in Kenya, Washington - 8 hours ago
Rwandan musician Beligne Bizimana who first set his foot on the Kenyan soil in 2004, did not expect to stay in the country for long. ...

US relaxes travel warning to Kenya: State Department
AFP - Mar 24, 2008
NAIROBI (AFP) — The United States has relaxed a travel warning to Kenya following an powersharing deal between President Mwai Kibaki and Orange Democratic ...

US amends travel warning for Kenya International Herald Tribune

US eases travel warning to Kenya Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

US Amends Kenyan Travel Warning The Associated Press
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Daily Nation
Kenya safe for visits, model tells tourists
Daily Nation, Kenya - 19 hours ago
Ms Campbell, who is on holiday in Malindi, said contrary to reports in the international press regarding the security situation in Kenya, she had proved for ...


Kenya: Campbell At Coast to Promote Industry

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Kenya: KNEC Has Let Nation Down, Washington - 19 hours ago
The handling of last year's Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam is a national embarrassment. While the body has encountered exam leakages in the ...

Kenya: National Outrage Over KCSE Fiasco

Kenya: Heads Must Roll At Examination Body

Continuous tests methods will dent credibility of certificates Daily Nation

Daily Nation - Daily Nation
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Daily Nation
Kenya stand in Russia a drawcard
Daily Nation, Kenya - 19 hours ago
Kenya’s stand at a major international tourism fair in Moscow Monday drew hundreds of visitors seeking information on its products. ...

Kenya: Commission in Plea to Top Film Producers, Washington - 18 hours ago
Kenya Film Commission (KFC) has launched a programme to promote Kenya as a key film-shooting destination in Africa. Managing Director, Mr David Maingi said ...

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Today's headlines - Mon 3/24/2008

Kenya: Raila's Political Life Comes Full Circle, Washington - 2 hours ago
Many editors knew it was a "done deal" and many had even briefed journalists to write the profile of Raila Odinga, "Kenya's fourth President. ...

Kenya: Will PM-Designate Deliver On Promise?

Kenya: Soul Searching in Central Region

Kenya: Scramble for State Positions is in Bad Taste -

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US relaxes travel warning to Kenya: State Department
AFP - 6 hours ago
NAIROBI (AFP) — The United States has relaxed a travel warning to Kenya following an powersharing deal between President Mwai Kibaki and Orange Democratic ...

US amends travel warning for Kenya International Herald Tribune

US eases travel warning to Kenya Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

US Amends Kenyan Travel Warning The Associated Press

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Kenya: National Outrage Over KCSE Fiasco, Washington - 5 hours ago
The integrity and credibility of the Kenya National Examinations Council continued to erode as leaders, parents and teachers demanded its disbandment. ...

Kenya: Heads Must Roll At Examination Body

Continuous tests methods will dent credibility of certificates Daily Nation

Kenya: Exams Council Can Do Better - Daily Nation
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Kenya: He Carries the Legacy of His Father, Jaramogi, Washington - 2 hours ago
He also teamed up with other multi-party advocates and forced President Moi to make Kenya a de jure (in principle or by law) one-party state. ...

Kenya: Kenyatta Attained Legendary Status

Kenya: Why Kenyans Still Fear Home

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Kenya: West Must Be Vigilant to Prevent Relapse to Chaos, Washington - 5 hours ago
Thus, Kenya had to depend on ex-colonisers and imperialists to gain freedom and democracy from its leaders. The much vaunted Young Turks, now struggling to ...

Kenya: Election Fraud Whistle Blower On the Run, Washington - 5 hours ago
A team has been sworn-in to look at how the Electoral Commission of Kenya handled the General Election last year. As the team gets down to business, ...

Kenya: The Cutting Edge
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Kenya: Narcotics - a Raw Nerve That No One Dares Touch, Washington - 4 hours ago
Kenya is an important transit route for Southwest Asian hashish and heroin dealers. Europe is the primary market and North America the secondary destination ...

Kenya: What Branding Country Really Means, Washington - 5 hours ago
In the avalanche of sweet tidings of the just-ended week, it was easy to miss the rather innocuous announcement that a new board to brand and market Kenya ...

Kenya: MP Condemned for Storming School, Washington - 4 hours ago
Education minister, Prof Sam Ongeri, Kenya National Union of Teachers, Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KSSHA) and Kenya National Association of ...

Kenya: Shocking Revelations On KCSE Fiasco
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Kenya: Mt Elgon Militia Surrenders, Washington - 5 hours ago
They have also sealed off the Kenya-Uganda border. On Monday, 152 suspects were charged with promoting war-like activities. The little known Sirisia Law ...

Kenya: Gang, Army Terrorize Villagers in Mt Elgon
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