Monday, March 24, 2008

Today's headlines - Mon 3/24/2008

Kenya: Raila's Political Life Comes Full Circle, Washington - 2 hours ago
Many editors knew it was a "done deal" and many had even briefed journalists to write the profile of Raila Odinga, "Kenya's fourth President. ...

Kenya: Will PM-Designate Deliver On Promise?

Kenya: Soul Searching in Central Region

Kenya: Scramble for State Positions is in Bad Taste -

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US relaxes travel warning to Kenya: State Department
AFP - 6 hours ago
NAIROBI (AFP) — The United States has relaxed a travel warning to Kenya following an powersharing deal between President Mwai Kibaki and Orange Democratic ...

US amends travel warning for Kenya International Herald Tribune

US eases travel warning to Kenya Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

US Amends Kenyan Travel Warning The Associated Press

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Kenya: National Outrage Over KCSE Fiasco, Washington - 5 hours ago
The integrity and credibility of the Kenya National Examinations Council continued to erode as leaders, parents and teachers demanded its disbandment. ...

Kenya: Heads Must Roll At Examination Body

Continuous tests methods will dent credibility of certificates Daily Nation

Kenya: Exams Council Can Do Better - Daily Nation
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Kenya: He Carries the Legacy of His Father, Jaramogi, Washington - 2 hours ago
He also teamed up with other multi-party advocates and forced President Moi to make Kenya a de jure (in principle or by law) one-party state. ...

Kenya: Kenyatta Attained Legendary Status

Kenya: Why Kenyans Still Fear Home

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Kenya: West Must Be Vigilant to Prevent Relapse to Chaos, Washington - 5 hours ago
Thus, Kenya had to depend on ex-colonisers and imperialists to gain freedom and democracy from its leaders. The much vaunted Young Turks, now struggling to ...

Kenya: Election Fraud Whistle Blower On the Run, Washington - 5 hours ago
A team has been sworn-in to look at how the Electoral Commission of Kenya handled the General Election last year. As the team gets down to business, ...

Kenya: The Cutting Edge
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Kenya: Narcotics - a Raw Nerve That No One Dares Touch, Washington - 4 hours ago
Kenya is an important transit route for Southwest Asian hashish and heroin dealers. Europe is the primary market and North America the secondary destination ...

Kenya: What Branding Country Really Means, Washington - 5 hours ago
In the avalanche of sweet tidings of the just-ended week, it was easy to miss the rather innocuous announcement that a new board to brand and market Kenya ...

Kenya: MP Condemned for Storming School, Washington - 4 hours ago
Education minister, Prof Sam Ongeri, Kenya National Union of Teachers, Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KSSHA) and Kenya National Association of ...

Kenya: Shocking Revelations On KCSE Fiasco
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Kenya: Mt Elgon Militia Surrenders, Washington - 5 hours ago
They have also sealed off the Kenya-Uganda border. On Monday, 152 suspects were charged with promoting war-like activities. The little known Sirisia Law ...

Kenya: Gang, Army Terrorize Villagers in Mt Elgon
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