Friday, February 29, 2008

Reactions from Kenya - Fri 2/29/2008

Some initial responses about how the nation is receiving the announcement of the power-sharing agreement.

From a missionary in Western Kenya:

Friends report big celebrations in Kisumu -- and that is what last night's TV showed as well. Elsewhere, cautious happiness seems to be the by-word... We all know that the bitterness of the last months will take a long process to reconcile.

From a Kenyan peace activist in Nairobi:

Things are calm, some people are celebrating already. We hope to sustain the agreement and look forward to a reconciled Kenya.

From a young medical student at Moi University in Eldoret:

i'm happy to inform u that our "unworthy" leaders hav finally come to an agreement. we were all worried, but "phew", its now a thing of the past. the town campus is organising a joint activity, encompassing all religious and non-religious organisations, that will see the delivery of humanitarian aid to the internally displaced persons camping at the red cross camps. i'v been put in charge of raising money for buying some of the material needs required-its quite a task,but i hope i'll manage to see it through. on behalf of my family i'd like to thank you and your family for ur prayers and concern.

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