Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AFSC's Peacework - Focus on Kenya 1/29/2008

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AFSC (the American Friends Service Committee - has a publication called Peacework. Founded in 1972, Peacework publishes ten issues a year out ofAFSC's New England Regional Office. You can read the publications and much more at

The newest edition came from the printer today and it has a section on Quaker peacemakers in Kenya.

This section includes:

The Work Begins: A Conversation with Quaker Kenyan Peacemakers
An interview with Eden Grace, John Muhanji, and David Zarembka
by Sara Burke

A Kenyan Epiphany
By Raymond Downing

No Justice, No Peace: Listening to Youth
By Malesi Kinaro (from an interview we did over email)

Whisperings of Hope: A Pastoral Letter from the Friends Church of Kenya

Along with these pieces are some beautiful photographs of Kenyans voting, women andchildren displaced by the violence, people helping each other to safety during the firstoutbreak after the election, and Kenyan journalists demonstrating (last fall) for freedomof the press.

If you would like a copy, or multiple copies, mailed to you please email Sara Burke at

"Peacework is rooted in Quaker values and informed by AFSC's experiences and
initiatives, but opinions expressed in Peacework do not necessarily reflect
those of AFSC. Instead, we highlight the work of many different organizations,
providing a forum for diverse organizers, fostering coalition-building,
providing a place in print (and online) for us to dialogue aboutnonviolent
strategies and organizing dilemmas."


Dawn L. Rubbert, Program Manager
African Great Lakes Initiative/Friends Peace Teams
1001 Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63104 USA
Dawn - at -

"There must be amidst all the confusions of the hour a tried and undisturbedremnant of persons who will not become purveyors of coercion and violence,who are ready to stand alone, if it is necessary, for the way of peace and loveamong men." ~~ Rufus Jones, 1940 ~~

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