Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kenyan Quakers plan for Peace Conference - FUM news 1/14/2008

Press Release
January 14, 2008
Kisumu, Kenya

Kenyan Yearly Meetings and Quaker organizations will hold a conference 24-27th January 2008 at Sheywe Guest House, Kakamega, to analyze recent events in Kenya and discern God’s call for Friends’ ministries in this context.

The conference will bring together 60 participants, including the leaders of all fifteen Kenyan Yearly Meetings, the leaders of the Kenyan Quaker peace organizations, and others representing Friends programmes and ministries, including schools, hospitals, and evangelistic missions.

Participants will explore seven themes in small groups:
  • Peace and non-violence as central to the gospel
  • Trauma healing and post-conflict ministries
  • Humanitarian needs, Internally Displaced People and vulnerable populations
  • Ethnic conflict and reconciliation toward a harmonious society
  • Preaching and evangelism in the present context
  • The mission of our institutions of education and healthcare
  • Global partnership and the role of our international/ecumenical partners

Worship and Biblical reflections will be woven throughout the programme. The purpose of the conference is to pray together for unity and purpose as Friends, to offer the gift of our Testimonies to our nation of Kenya during this time of unrest, and through the long process of reconciliation and healing that lies ahead.

Friends World Committee for Consultation http://www.fwccworld.org/ and Friends United Meeting http://www.fum.org/ are both accepting contributions to support the cost of the Conference and the implementation of whatever actions will emerge.

For further information, contact:
Eden Grace, Friends United Meeting
PO Box 478 Kisumu 40100
+254 735 479174
peaceconference - at - edengrace.org

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