Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer Needs - 1/22/2008

Dear Friends,

This is a brief message to let you know that unfortunately there are more developments in the situation in Kenya, and I've posted Today's Headlines, about what happened over the weekend at the Kenya News blog (below).

Relief efforts continue by Kenyan Quakers and many other charitable organizations across the nation, especially around Kakamega, Turbo, Eldoret, and Kisumu (often at great risk to their lives and families' safety).

Please be sure to check David Zarembka's blog for his latest pieces (see link under News out of Kenya - Quaker on right sidebar).

Please pray this week:

  • For all the Friends' projects, staff and missions throughout Kenya, as they try to meet the needs of the displaced and begin the healing and reconciliation process in their communities, alongside the ordinary demands of running institutions like colleges, hospitals, churches, etc.
  • Keep in mind especially Friends Theological College, as they re-open for the January term, that students and staff may have safe travels and the ability to focus on academic pursuits even as the nation remains unsettled. From personal messages by FTC staff, it seems the violence has finally affected the Kaimosi area, so please hold that area in the Light, that any conflicts may be swiftly addressed and resolved by local leaders.
  • For the upcoming Quaker Peace Conference in Kakamega - Jan 24 - 27 (see press release in blue at bottom of this page) for safe travels by all participants and productive discussion and action plans to be developed and implemented nationwide!
  • For the upcoming Alternatives to Violence Project workshops (2 per day for 21 days!) to train all 900 staff at the Centers for Disease Control research operations in Kisumu, that AGLI may be sufficiently staffed and funded to successfully deliver on this excellent opportunity to spread peacebuilding skills.
  • For the negotiation process to be facilitated by Kofi Annan with the political leaders, that they may speak and act with great wisdom to find a way forward, perhaps one of the four proposed by the Inter-Religious Forum of Kenya (see right sidebar for link to article in Daily Nation).

These are some great opportunities for Friends in Kenya to come together with other concerned citizens, to spread God's love, and work for good!

Let me know if Friends where you are have proposed any actions that might be useful for others to join in--to raise awareness, raise funds, contact elected officials, etc.

Friends in Kenya: know that we are earnestly praying for you and for the whole nation of Kenya!

  • May the Almighty bless you and keep you!
  • May you know the Living Presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ constantly at your side, watching over you at night, guiding your words and ordering your steps each day!
  • May the Holy Spirit protect and empower you to continue to work for peace and unity where you are!

Be blessed,

Mary Kay

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