Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Breaking news items - action requested

Dear Friends:

Two concerns from latest news headlines:

1. Note story 8 containing an interview with Mr Michael Ranneberger, the US ambassador to Kenya, about the US position on Kenya in previous post:

Action requested:

Contact FCNL and your elected officials and urge them to:
  • take a strong stance in favor of the negotiations underway by Kenya's rival leaders to bring peace, justice, and reconciliation
  • deny visas to any political figures in Kenya until a political solution is agreed.
  • the US government should support a negotiated win-win solution of power-sharing for Kenya's leaders.
  • this will likely require recommending a constitutional amendment for Kenya, to allow the creation of a new position, Prime Minister, for Raila Odinga.

Here is an excerpt from story 8 on the official US position:

Q: What about reports that the US senate's foreign relations committee is due on Thursday [2/07/2008] to discuss the Kenyan crisis?

In fact, it is both the House of Representatives and Senate. Both hearings reflect the serious level of concern that the crisis has generated. The hearings are positive signals that the US is concerned and wants to help.

2. Note also story 13 - Lawyers Push to Withhold Taxes - The East African Standard (Nairobi)

  • This story contains an interesting non-violent approach by the legal community in Kenya for resolving the post-election crisis and conflict.
  • Discuss this initiative with your local church members and give feedback.
  • Do you have other suggestions of ways Kenya might engage in civil disobedience to promote peace and justice?

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