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Mt. Toby Friends - Quaker Salad Day - Sat 3/29/2008

Quaker Salad Day
Saturday March 29, 2008
Leverett, MA

Friends are welcome to bring brown-bag lunches to Mount Toby for an informal lunch before the sessions begin. The 11:40 Hour Committee will provide coffee, hot water, and perhaps some munchies or cookies.

12:30-2:00: Quakers and GIs (GI Hotline Group):
Most of us Quakers do not have close friends or family in the military, so the world of GI’s and their families is unfamiliar to us and somewhat far away. Jim Lyons, Dave Scott, & Frank Gatti will reflect on the experiences of GI’s now & 40 years ago, in light of their own experiences during the Vietnam War. Then Dave, Frank, & Geoff will share stories of GI’s we’ve worked with on the GI Hotline. There’ll be time at the end for your questions & reflections.

1:00-2:00: Haudenosaunee Gifts (Don Campbell):
Friends have had a long relationship with the Haudenosaunee (the People of the Long House), also known as the Iroquois. There is much to learn from these people and their story. A foundation of their way of life is Good Mind. Gender, government, memory, integrity, and respect are all present in compelling ways. I will share their story through my own and tell a brief version of their story of the Peacemaker. Did you know that they had an influence on the Constitution? They held what would today be called a seminar on government in Albany in 1754 at which Benjamin Franklin was present?

2:10—3:10: Thoughts on Celtic Christianity (Don Campbell):
There was a Christian church among the Gaels of Ireland long before Patrick started his ministry there. His was a mission to Romanize the Celtic Church. The seeing of the landscape and all things as theophanies is characteristic of Celtic spiritual worldview, Christian and pre-Christian. The point of a spiritual practice is to remove the human engendered darkness to let the Glory of the Creator shine through that theophany which is YOU. Some history, discussion, and worship along with exercises from a small volume on the days of Creation.

2:10-3:10: Global Warming and Me (Don Stone):
Perspectives on global warming; What is my carbon footprint? Sharing ideas on how to make it smaller.

3:20-4:20: The Sabbath (Will Snyder and Laura Muller):
What are the meanings of Sabbath, and how do Quakers relate to them? Readings will be available ahead of time for those who wish, but are not required.

3:20-4:20: Help us set FCNL's priorities (P&SC):
Every two years the Friends Committee on National Legislation asks for help from all US Quakers in setting legislative priorities for the next Congress. This session will try to determine the five highest priorities we will send to FCNL as Mount Toby's suggestions.

4:30-5:30: The Kakamega AIDS Orphan Project and Care Center (Sukie Rice):
Sukie of Maine, who has traveled to Kenya six times and has established the Friends of Kakamega ( will show slides and tell about the Center and its work, which is run by Kenyan Quaker women of United Society of Friends Women (USFW-Kakamega.) The Project is a grassroots effort to help children whose parents have died primarily of AIDS. It is an orphanage and a feeding program, and it provides educational sponsorships for orphans so they can go to school.

5:30-6:00: A time of sociability, and setting up tables and chairs for the Kenyan benefit dinner.

6:00-on: Kenyan Benefit Dinner:
Kenyan recipes will be used for this feast. Sukie Rice of Maine will tell about Kenya and her experiences there, at dessert-time of the dinner.
This is a benefit event, to raise funds for Kenyan relief and projects.
Donations of any amount are encouraged.
All expenses for the dinner will be paid by the Peace and Social Concerns Committee, so that 100% of donations will go to the AFSC for Kenyan relief and projects. The AFSC will give the donations to Friends United Meeting, the African Great Lakes Initiative, and the Nairobi Peace Initiative; see Checks should be to AFSC, not Mount Toby.

After dinner and Sukie's talk, Friends will be invited to help take down the tables and clear up the Fellowship room.
Contact info:
We are located at 194 Long Plain Road (Route 63) in Leverett.

Mailing address: 194 Long Plain Road, Leverett MA 01054
Meeting phone: 413-548-9188
Clerk: Ruth Hazzard, 413-256-1721

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