Monday, March 10, 2008

Taize Community - News from Nairobi 3/10/2008

From the Taize Community - some brothers in Nairobi

Several brothers went back to Kenya in the middle of February: "We have just finished a good meeting with around thirty young adults. People came for breakfast, and then we had a whole morning for reflection and exchange, then prayer followed by the noon meal. Some of them were in Taizé last summer; others were people we met during our visits to the neighbourhoods and parishes.

After many improvised visits and "preliminary" meetings, this was an opportunity to meet young people directly and to invite them to make the first step on a pilgrimagetogether over the next few months.

The trust and the attention of those who responded are a real encouragement for us. Since the signing of theagreement between the two political leaders, the atmosphere has eased and people are greatly relieved.

Yet there are still many questions to be settled. But an important step has been made and people can get back to work.… Little by little the fog is lifting and the road ahead is opening up.…"

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